Expert manufacture offers total flexibility

A unique amplifier built to your specifications

Made in Germany - Diethard Kumpf

Are you looking for equipment that combines the perfect sound with great aesthetics?

audioCulture systems deliver just that – providing high value functionality that will ensure your listening pleasure for years to come thanks to our exacting manufacturing techniques.

To experience the difference, vinyl record and music lovers can purchase either:

  • http://universalThe Phono – a preamplifier designed for installation close to the turntable
  • The Universal – a tube amplifier purpose-built for headphones

A history of amplifier expertise

audioCulture is built upon a family history of expert interest in amplifier technology.

As a child, founder of the company, Diethard watched his father build high quality tube amplifiers as a hobby. Inspired by this passion, Diethard began his own quest for authentic music reproduction.

production of tube amplifiers is a family tradition
manufactory worker solders amplifier

audioCulture continues this family tradition, utilising elegant circuit design to create powerful audio solutions, handmade in Germany at our Kassel factory.

Handmade in Germany

With an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and technological progress, audioCulture meets customer requirements with flexible production. Work at the company’s manufacturing site in Kassel demonstrates this.

Polishing in manufactory
amplifier with RCA sockets

Here customers benefit from a precision-built product, choosing from a range of modifications and unique features. Any future alterations or repairs are also handled at our Kassel site, ensuring the same exacting standards as for new equipment.

Combining avant-garde design with sophisticated electrical engineering, our passion is to develop innovative tube amplifier products.

Ensuring you benefit from elegant design and timeless technology to enjoy a high-class audio experience for years to come.

close-up of amplfiers circuit board