Preamplifier: The Phono

A tube preamplifier for vinyl lovers

preamplifier "The Phono"

Enjoy personalised design

The Phono is hand made in our Kassel factory to create a preamplifier tailored to your unique requirements.

With its innovative chassis design, it can be configured in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, with connections and cables feeding smoothly into the device. This makes The Phono easy to install in any room design.

Manufactured from thick sheet steel with a painted finish, the chassis is designed to ensure effective shielding for reduced electromagnetic sensitivity.

Solid copper RCA sockets add to the sound quality, with gold, silver, or rhodium plating on request.

Pre-amplifier cinch sockets
pre-amplifier in different varnishings

For a truly personal design, The Phono can be supplied with a variety of finishes, including black, anthracite, and white paintwork.

Order The Phono in our online shop today or arrange a demonstration at one of our partner stores: AES in Kassel or Musikkammer in Willich.

High quality components, minimal interference

Every component in The Phono is carefully selected to reduce electrical interference which can affect sound quality. An external power supply delivers clean power via a low interference cable while a patented interference filter on the mains input further improves performance.

In addition to the circuit board and cables, all current carrying components are silver plated. We specify a high-quality Teflon printed circuit board, which unlike glass fibre epoxy resin alternatives, boasts low dielectric performance and high insulation.

preamplifier teflon circuit

Reliable mica capacitors feature in all signal paths, facilitating extremely low tolerances and electrical values to ensure constant sound quality for years to come.

For optimum performance, our output transformer is hand wound. A tape wound core with a double coil reduces interference, while a special winding technique guarantees a broadband frequency response of at least 15 to 150,000Hz.

High frequency interference is reduced thanks to a silver-plated copper shield. Finally, the nanocrystalline material of the tape wound core guarantees freedom from distortion at low frequencies.

Tape wound core in pre-amplifier "The Phono"
The Phono with bluetooth extension

Simple solutions, superb results

At every stage, we reduce unwanted disturbance in electrical signals that can reduce sound quality and impact your enjoyment.

The Phono preamplifier achieves minimal output impedance with no negative feedback, providing low-noise due to a special input stage circuit.

Furthermore, by placing The Phono as close to the turntable as possible, you can achieve short signal paths for small pickup currents, further enhancing sound clarity.

To connect wireless speakers, an optional Bluetooth extension is also available for order with the preamplifier.


  • The Phono preamplifier and its separate power supply unit are connected via low-noise cable.
  • Install The Phono close to the turntable to reduce the signal path for low signal currents travelling from the cartridge to the preamplifier.
  • Enjoy flexible set up with vertical or horizontal installation compatible with any room design.

technical specifications

Tube assembly 2 x ECC 83, 2 x ECC 88

  • Input impedances 47 k – 1 k to 47 k configurable by jumper
  • Input capacities 47 p – 47 p to 470 p configurable by jumper
  • Gain factor MM / MC / 42 dB and 48 dB configurable via jumper
  • Distortion factor / THD below 0.03% related to 0.7 V output voltage
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: MM: > 78 dBV, MC: > 72 dBV
  • DeviationRIAA +- 0,5 dB

Subsonic filter yes – from 12 Hz

Input / output RCA sockets

Outsourced power supply unit

  • Input voltage 115 V / 230 V
  • Power consumption 38 VA Standby 0 W

equipment features

  • Painted 3 mm sheet steel
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 23 x 13,2 x 32,8 cm
  • Weight Amp approx 5,5 kg / power supply 1,4 kg
  • Standard colours: white, grey, black

Special colours available in the manufactory.