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audioCulture: amplifier for vinyl and music lovers


Welcome fellow audiophiles – my name is Diethard Kumpf, CEO of audioCulture. As an enthusiastic Hi-Fi lover and electrical engineer, I have been lucky enough to turn my passion into a business.

Following in the footsteps of my father, who built high quality tube amplifiers during my childhood, I now present audioCulture – an exceptional amplifier able to deliver a new dimension in Hi-Fi performance.

The ambience and excellent resolution will captivate you, ensuring you enjoy dynamic reproduction for optimum listening pleasure. How do we achieve this?

Our extraordinary sound quality is made possible by simpler circuit technology. Eliminating unnecessary components that require compensation and cause sound distortion. Using only the highest quality linear components with minimal tolerances, we ensure a richer sound. Combining premium passive components with active tube triodes to achieve a first-class sound experience that will deliver decades of exquisite music.


Premium materials, exceptional sound quality

audioCulture: a high-quality tube amplifier

perfection one: audio system with record player

We deliver extraordinary sound experiences that open new dimensions in listening. Our tube amplifiers provide a detailed resolution and dynamic reproduction, which until now, has only been possible with complex circuit technology.

Here audioCulture breaks new ground. We use only the highest quality components, carefully selecting linear devices with tight tolerances. Sophisticated circuit design keeps our component count low.

High-quality and reduction cause good sounds

Unlike traditional systems with numerous components that combine to cause sound distortion, our elegant solution provides a cleaner, richer sound.

Utilising premium passive components and active tube triodes, we ensure that the devices we select work together to deliver an unparalleled sound experience.

Perfection one: close-up of amplifier triodes