amplifier by audioCulture ensure sound experience

Immerse yourself in a previously unknown sound experience

audioCulture – amplifier for vinyl record lovers

Hello dear Hi-Fi friends, my name is Diethard Kumpf. I am an electrical engineer and made my passion my business – to continue the tradition of my father, who already built high-quality tube amplifiers during my childhood. Now I am presenting you audioCulture with the audio system “Perfection One“. You may experience new dimensions of music performance.

The ambience and fine resolution in combination with a highly dynamic reproduction will captivate you. This is possible through a new, less complex circuit technology. Conventional circuits contain numerous components that have to be compensated by extensive measures. We have significantly reduced the number of components and thus the cause of discoloration. We only use very high-quality and particularly linear components with very small tolerances. The interaction of high-quality passive components in combination with the dynamics of triodes leads to a top-class sound experience. This is made possible among other things by tube triodes as active components. Immerse yourself in a previously unknown sound experience.

I vouch for decades of high-quality music enjoyment.