Tube amplifier “Perfection One”

Made from the highest quality materials – the “Perfection One” tube amplifiers

perfection one: audio system with record player

AudioCulture focuses on extraordinary sound experiences. The audio system with the components of the “Perfection One” series opens new dimensions in listening. Thus you receive sonic space and fine resolution in combination with highly dynamic reproduction. Until now, this has only been possible with the help of complex circuit technology. Here, audioCulture breaks new ground with the series “Perfection One”.

High-quality and reduction cause good sounds

Normally, numerous components cause sound discoloration, which must be compensated by extensive measures. In the “Perfection One” series, the number of components, and thus the cause of discoloration is significantly reduced. We only use very high-quality and especially linear components with tight tolerances.

Perfection one: close-up of amplifier triodes
Perfection One Teflon circuit

The interplay of high-quality, passive components in combination with the dynamics of triodes leads to a top-class sound experience. This is made possible among other things by triode tubes as active components.